Monday, October 22, 2007


I don't have anything to blog about at the moment so here's a list with a bit of everything,what i love,hate or looking forward to.

I love walking through The Strand Arcade(pictured above) at lunchtime,so many cool boutiques in this beautiful elaborate arcade.I love looking at the windows of the antique stores and sometimes treating myself to a milk chcolate frog from Haighs Chocolates.
Looking forward to a friend's wedding at Bathers Pavillion.It's going to be amazing.
And staying here for the night.
Being invited to the VIP sale shopping night at Cosmopolitan shoes this week and they serve free Moet rose and canapes. Cannot wait to meet my new shoes,what shall i get?Manolos,Choos, or a little Miu Miu?
My new Sheridan 400 thread count cool sheets,they're white,crisp and i thought it would be a gimmick but they really do feel so cool against your skin,perfect for summer.
Selecting things to include in the Seasonal Exchange swap,and because there are many more people from the Northern Hemmisphere participating they needed some people from the Southern Hemmisphere to double up and send out 2 packages which means I will get 2 back.Yipee!
Having a fun night out to celebrate my birthday.
Waiting for etsy goods to arrive in the mail.
These designs being available on Moo hopefully soon for Christmas


Catherine said...

Sounds like lots to be excited about, how fantastic about the cosmopolitan shoes, they have some drool worthy stuff! When is your birthday, have a wonderful time : )

MissK said...

My birthday is on November 3rd.
I had planned on going bowling but they were fully booked so we're just going to a wine bar now.

Antonia said...

Your blog is so pretty!

I used to work in the Strand Arcade you know!


MissK said...

Thanks for visiting Antonia,which store did you work in?