Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Almost Christmas

Can't believe we're almost here,just a few days to go before Christmas.The lunch hour goes by so quickly because it takes forever to get back to work,working your way through the crowds,there's a queue wherever you go.I figured it would be quiter after work so I finished my Christmas shopping last night.

The tree above is the huge Christmas tree in the QVB.It's decorated with Swarovski crystal ornaments and spans 3 levels,must take forever to build and decorate.

I received my first Christmas gift in the mail yesterday,some lovely stationery from Heidi.And how cute is this lace tape on a package i received recently.

Sadly i don't get any time off apart from the public holidays,the business doesn't close down and someone has to be here to do some work.It's overcast and raining most days so I don't think I'm missing out on much,may plan a little getaway in January or Febuary.

I'm going to take it slow and chill out on my days off,lie in bed or hopefully out in the sunshine and read,or maybe a trip to the movies,I really want to see 2 days in Paris.

I will most probably take a little blogging break,need some time away from the computer,and nye is my 1 year blogging anniversary.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Christmas wishlist

A list of a few things i would really love to get this Christmas.
*I want to get a desk for my room and the Louis Ghost Chair by Phillipe Stark would go so well.
*A Dibbern teapot in burgundy to match the sugar bowl and creamer I found on sale recently.
*A Marimekko toiletries bag i missed out on getting from Funkis a few months ago,the item has now shown up on Reprodepot but shipping costs more than the actual product!
*The Bathers Pavilion Cookbook-i was impressed by the food there and am eager to try some more difficult recipes next year.
*Cheese Slices by Will Studd,i love cheese and loved watching the series on The Lifestyle Channel and now all has been published in this great book.
*And i forgot to add,a sewing machine so i can start sewing,one of my new years resolutions is to learn properly.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Playing Hrd To Get

It looks like playing hard to get works in other ways.2 years ago I subscribed to some magazines as they had a great deal of 2 years for the price of 1.My subscription is about to end and I recently received a letter from the publishers asking If I'd like to renew,the deals this time are not that great and I probably don't really need these magazines so I did not reply or log in online to renew.This week I received another reminder with an even better price plus 2 extra copies for free.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Silly Season

Or it should be called the ridiculous season.It takes forever to get anywhere or get anything done at lunchtime,it doesn't help that i work just above the main shopping mall.And you can't find a decent spot in a city bar,every day there are numerous Christmas parties being held and they are taking up all available spots.

I replaced the decorations in my room with a Christmas tree garland,I like this one much better and bought some Merry Christmas tags on Etsy.On the weekend i made some Coconut cookies in the shape of trees and stars.The recipe if from the Australian Womens Weekly Cookies book and the icing on top is made up of eggwhites,sugar and dessicated coconut.Someone at work asked for the recipe but i guaranteed them they wouldn't want to try them,it was very time consuming.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Getting into the holiday spirit

Starting to get into the holiday spirit,now it really feels that Christmas is just around the corner,work is slowing down,parties to attend,the shops are full,and I'm still decorating,the total opposite to last year when i had everything organised and bought by the first week of December.

As it was quiet at work last week i spent an afternoon at my desk tracing and cutting up trees to put up and some more etsy goods arrived like the Christmas tags which I will also put up and I found some red and white bakers twine in Sydney,can't believe something so simple can excite me so much.
Off to start baking some cookies now.
A lifetime's worth of twine

Friday, December 7, 2007

A good mail day

Receiving anything besides bills in the mail when i get home makes me very happy.I received 3 packages from overseas in one day.Some etsy goods (I am no longer on a ban,besides they were cheap things) and my package for Seasonal Exchange from Germany.And how great are these drinking girls coasters,I absoloutely love it.I received one in my swap package.I have found the seller on Etsy and am going to order some more.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I managed to put up some decorations in my room on Sunday night,1 day late but oh well i was still busy completing things On Saturday night with High School Musical on in the background(how sad).

I had kept some templates of ornaments from a magazine as well as some ideas from an issue of Real Simple and Donn Hay and then realised I had destroyed a heap of sheets from magazines when I was running out of storage,damn,they had so many great ideas as well.

I was going to paint my little tree white or silver but thought it was a little too much so decided to just leave it in its natural state.

I've now found some new templates so may add to the decorations.