Sunday, October 21, 2007

My weekend of nothing

Saturday morning i woke up to a massive hangover so it was straight back to bed for me.I woke up again after midday.I cannot remember that last time i slept in so late.I usually like getting up early on a Saturday,getting all of the domestics out of the way.By the time i did everything it was 3:30pm and i thought by the time i have a shower and get ready the shops will be closing,so i just stayed in bed reading all afternoon and evening.Went through 2 magazines and have nearly finished my book.
This morning i had to attend a memorial service and then it was off to my sister's place for lunch.It's stinking hot here right now and couldn't imagine going out later as planned so decided to come home and prepare champagne jelly with apples for my entry in the latest round of Sugar High Friday and wasn't happy to discover somebody had thrown out the pack of gelatin i had with the rest of my baking supplies.So here i am late on Sunday afternoon wondering where my weekend went and not looking forward to the week ahead and hoping my brother doesn't come home too late and can find some in the supermarket for me.

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