Thursday, October 18, 2007

I had been to Summer Hill many times to visit a friend and had gone passed while on the bus but had never had a walk around.I realise i've come while my friend is overseas and realise i should have offered to collect her mail while she's gone,must remember that next time for friends.I get off the bus at Junction Road which is a short walk to the main shopping strip.I spot a vintage store called Scoop with some interesting things in the window,i walk in and say hi to the staff who are sitting around,they don't even look up and continue with their conversation,i have a look around,they mostly have mid 20th century furniture and vintage wallpaper,i spy a brown ostrich leather Hermes Kelly bag and am surprised that it has been labelled as a Birkin,I'm surprised by their error,or maybe they know a Birkin is far more covetable in the fashion world right now and the bag is more likely to be snapped up.

I walk up to the main shopping strip passing lovely old Victorian homes on the way.There are quite a few op shops and vintage stores and one in particular(forgot to note down the name) has so many great finds,i resist every temptation to purchase,i have to be on my very best behaviour.But i find these stores to be just as unfriendly as Scoop,you walk in and give them a smile and you get nothing back,there must be a clique in this community and they must small from a mile away that i'm a visitor.

I had read about Envy cafe which owned by the same people as Perama in Petersham and was looking forward to lunch in the courtyard under the jacaranda tree but it was full so walked across the road to Decolata cafe across the road.I must admit i chose this cafe for the interior,there are dark wood floors and Thonet chairs.It's mostly simple meals like sandwiches and there's a display cabinet with muffins and Italian sweets.I have to wait a few minutes as my sandwich arrives before my coffee but both don't disappoint.I've opted for the grilled chicken,greens,avocado and homemade mayonnaise which doesn't look impressive when placed in front of me but tastes amazing.

I continue to walk up Lachey Street,there's an old fashioned bakery, local butcher and other stores which remind you of the kind you grew up with .My last stop is to sample cupcakes at Babycakes full of tiny cupcakes and because of their petite size,you have more room to sample more flavours.
From the photo above,start in the centre and continie clockwise there's Cookies and Cream,Orange and Poppyseed,Hazelnut,Latte,White Chocolate,Banana and Madeira cake.

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