Monday, October 15, 2007

Mood board

So i made a mood board.I have wanted to make one of these for such a long time.I found a very cheap cork board,bought some pretty paper to have as the background.It's not as full as what it could be as i have a separate book where i keep interiors and fashion images i want to keep for ideas.I have several pieces from one of my favourite illustrators Kat MacLeod i found in a magazine,i first heard about her when i bought the book The Cocktail which she illustrated,she uses lots of colour and different fabrics and textures.On the far left is a recipe for coconut muesli i would like to try and on the right are the rules for living by the designers for Libertine from a recent issue of Domino magazine.Other various images are scattered around with business cards from several online stores and a grey and blue leaf print card from Port2Port Press.


Catherine said...

oh lovely mood board, everything works so well together, I love the background paper and the port2port card. I have always wanted to buy the cocktail book, but then I would be so tempted to make them all, personally I am a mojito girl, vodka though not rum. mm oh and cosmopolitans!

MissK said...

I actually bought the book earlier this year but am yet to try any of the drinks.I'm addicted to apple martinis right now.