Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dining by candlelight

A fairy birthday party

She's walking!

So daylight savings has begun and with that starts that time of year where it is stinking hot as soon as you wake up in the morning,especially in my bedroom where the sun brightly streams in.I've started wearing a hat every morning for the 15 minute walk up to the train station.It's not even summer yet but the sun is so strong, but at least there's more daylight to enjoy after work.

On Saturday night a friend hosted a lovely dinner party at her fairly new apartment,which is looking even better now with some floorboards.Dinner was fantastic,you would not have know this was her first time hosting a dinner party.We knew it would be a big night and there would be quite a lot of drinking so most of us stayed the night,i probably only managed about 4 hours sleep as i kept waking up every hour which i usual;ly do when not sleeping in my own bed.

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated my niece's 1st birthday with presents and cake at my sister's house.Only a week ago my niece was just taking 1 or 2 steps before collapsing and now she is running around everywhere,she's officially trouble.

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