Saturday, October 27, 2007

Splurge and Steal

My new Sonia Rykiel shoes

Some cheapies for summer,they look yellow but are actually mustard colour

I wonder if anyone else likes seeing these comparisons in magazines,when they show 2 items,one is blow the budget fantastic and then a similar item at budget prices.Well they're not the same item but after splurging on a fabulous pair of shoes at the Cosmo shoe sale earlier in the week,i decided to buy myself a cheap fun pair of sandals for summer just for fun.
We didn't stop drinking champagne all night while we made several rounds of the store,You see when you're faced with so many shoes,you forget which ones you liked and where you last sw them.Probably because of some hideous recent trends,the shoes that were already reduced were much nicer than the new stock which was good for us.
After we had decided what to buy we stuck around for more free champagne and my friend showed her great skills in convincing random people they really did needed those shoes they were contemplating.
I was a little shocked to see a lady walking around with a raincoat for her Birkin so the rain wouldn't ruin the leather,only in Double Bay,darling!
We continued our drinking down at The Sheaf until just before 11pm and i felt very seedy when i saw a work colleague in the city on my way home so late at night,we had a little laugh when we saw each other the next morning,i think I've only just gotten the hangover and last night i was at home by 7:30pm which is very early for a Friday night.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me,off to do some shopping,making something for a friend's housewarming dinner tonight(she only bought the place 1 year ago but there have been renovations).Then tomorrow celebrating my niece's 1st birthday.

Edit:Forgot to add that during the week I had yum cha with work colleagues at Palace Chinese which this year won best yum cha at The Good Food Guide Awards.The dumplings and duck were great but my favourite mango pancakes were very disappointing,they lacked flavour as the mango pieces were not ripe at all.And some of the trolley ladies started speaking chinese to my colleagues which i thought was rude to exclude me,as they are Asian but not even they knew what the ladies were saying.Nothing can top Sky Phoenix for yum cha but hoping to try out Zilver soon.

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