Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is My favourite book

I'm very late with the latest theme in the This Is meme but wanted to get back in after a long break.

I have so many interests so it's very hard for me to pick my absolute favourite book,but my favourite right now is Everyday by Bill Granger.It has so many great recipes,something for every occasion and I love reading about the author's retuals throughout the week.I also love the styling in this book and it's beautifully shot by Petrina Tinsley who is probably the world's best food photographers.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


After some unexpected train delays last week I decided to just walk into the city,was glad i did as I'm never in this part of town,made a few discoveries on the way and of course had to take a photo of such autumn loveliness during my walk.

Took an unintentional blogging break these past few weeks.I haven't had the chance to do much,everything is allover the place,there's no workspace and right now I have to squeeze my office chair into a little nook in our spare room just to use the computer.On Thursday they began installing the cupboards,the kitchen is starting to take shape,they will be back this week to finish but we have to wait a little longer to have the granite cut and put in place.I cannot wait to be able to start cooking again,am craving a good home cooked meal.
Lunch today for Greek Easter was a very casual barbecue and now I'm sipping lots of hot tea trying to get rid of this cold before it's time to go back to work.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Participated in Earth Hour

Took advantage of the strong Aussie dollar and bought some material and stamps on Etsy

Can't sew at the moment but have decided on my next project with one of my favourite colour combinations at the moment

More goods on Etsy,practical and very pretty push pins

Saw a beautiful sunset on the last day of daylight savings

This is my jewelery box

This is where i keep most of my jewelery,just some drawers from Ikea that have been painted.
Some more precious items are kept in pouches so they don't tangle with other pieces.
Some pieces are cheap finds at markets or chain stores,others more expensive pieces with lovely details and some vintage finds.
Most mornings I'm in a rush and don't get time to select something to wear to the office but getting ready for a big night I will select some earrings or a brooch to give me a little pick me up.
All participants are listed at Three Buttons.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Renovation hell

We're currently going through renovation hell at home,but I'm looking foward to a new modern kitchen,Each day there is another part of the cupboards gone,on one side of our kitchen,the oven and cooktop only remain,there is no bench space apart from a small spot next to the sink or the dinner table nearby which itself is mostly covered with tools.
The spare room where our computer sits is cluttered with crockery,drawers and appliances,i sit in an awkward position to use the computer,i skip breakfast in the morning because it's all just too much,I spend most of the evening after work out with friends or in my room,there is no space to sit down and do something,just want to wake up and have a new kitchen.