Sunday, October 7, 2007

The weekend

Tag tells you what fabrics have been used

I had plans to attend the growers market on Saturday morning but after a friend couldn't make it,it lost it's appeal and i went back to bed.Hope Street markets were also on and i made a quick visit on my way to a friend's birthday.It was a stinking hot day,and i was beginging to sweat while walking through the back streets of Surry Hills.Once there you walked into a room that wasn't much cooler and the place was full with hardly anywhere to move,everybody was packed in like sardines.I did a quick round of the stalls,hoe anybody would have wanted to linger around i don't know,you just wanted to get out of there asap.

I found this gorgeous clutch made from vintage fabric from Kara Smith,when i saw the bag it instantly reminded me of this clutch that Soulemama had made.I would have also bought another gorgeous larger bag but i was on a budget,also bought a badge that was appropriate to give to a friend who was celebrating her birthday.
It was my first time in McMahons Point and it's such a a lovely area,the main strip is filled with cafes,delis and restaurants and the area looks over the harbour.We enjoyed a few hours drinking at the bar at the back of the Blues Point Hotel then later that night over to North Sydney for Mexican and margaritas at Had to Happen.

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Catherine said...

Oh you were so lucky to go to the markets, I would have loved to go, I love the material of your clutch.
and that margarita looks delish!