Friday, September 28, 2007


It all started about 2 weeks ago,i was sitting up late at night reading before bed,and i came up with the idea to rearrange my bedroom furniture,the bottom of my bed faces the door and i remember reading that was bad feng shui.Also it would be a good idea to have the bedhead next to my window during the warmer months when it gets unbearably hot at night and so i could take advantage of the glorious sunshine in the morning.
Luckily i had recently done a big clean and my bedside drawers weren't too heavy so i went about moving things on the weekend.I'm now much closer to my stereo and bookcase,but the wall where my bed head used to be is quite empty so i am planning on hanging up some art.
Also may but a desk to be able to sit at and do some work,or study as that may be in the works soon
I also cleared my vanity table of clutter and found this placemat from Hart and Heim and placed it in the middle,and placed my perfume bottles i this wooden tray from Freedom.


Hyena In Petticoats said...

That placemat is gorgeous......

I tried to do the spoon thing, but mine came out looking really boring. Would it be too psycho to do knives instead???


MissK said...

Maybe a little psycho,you could do forks instead.

Catherine said...

I love all this spoon love! Forks would be great I think, although I suppose they don't tend to come as varied and different as spoons.
Love you placemat also.

bowb said...

ditto, the placemat. i think i must have one! thanks for the link.