Sunday, September 23, 2007

Indochine Cafe,Sydney

Soft shell crab

Prawn and Pork Noodle Soup

Prawn curry with vegetables and rice

Crispy skin chicken with rice and cabbage salad

On Friday Lisa and I met up with plans to visit Palace Chinese for yum cha,we were eager to try it since it was awarded best yum cha in the SMH Good Food Guide Awards.When we got there there was a line all the way down the staircase and it was only 12pm,we couldn't imagine being seated within 20 minutes so quickly walked over to our current favourite,Sky Phoenix with also had a 15 minute wait.Looks like most of Sydney wants to go out for yum cha on Fridays.We didn't know where to go and i remembered a place called Indochine Cafe i had walked past many times at lunch and it was always busy,so even though we had never heard about the food,you know you should be good if it's always busy.
Luckily it has a sign on the exterior of the St James arcade on Castlereagh St otherwise i don't think most people except office workers would know about it.
As soon as i saw soft shell crab on the menu i knew we had to order it,and at only about $9 aus it was a bargain,we may need to order 2 serves next time,It wasn't too crunchy and just collapsed in your mouth.As the meals started arriving we struggled to find space to fit all the dishes on our small 2 seat table.
All meals had great fresh ingredient and of course we struggled to finish them,and they weren't too spicy,except for the prawn curry which definitely had a kick to it.Oh and the crispy skin chicken was lovely and tender,i may need some rehab from crispy skin chicken since i had also eaten some at Sky Phoenix the night before.
St James Arcade
111 Elizabeth Street

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Catherine said...

oh that all looks so great! I love that you write about where you eat out. I am taking notes for when we are in Sydney ourselves next month.