Friday, September 14, 2007

It's been a week of ups and downs.Last night after work the girls and I met up at Roof Bar to celebrate Kat's recent engagement.It was lovely being out on the terrace drinking champagne surrounded by the city's office buildings.We then proceeded downstairs to one of our favourite Chinese restaurants Sky Phoenix for dinner.It's my favourite for yum cha and this was the first time i had been there for dinner.Kat was in charge of ordering,her numerous visits to China for work have made her an expert in Chinese cuisine.We ordered the wonton soup and scallops to start,then shared some crispy skin chicken Shandong style,pepper beef,stir fried vegetables and fried rice enjoyed with a bottle of riesling.
And this time i had a fortune cookie that made sense, it read "Contact your oldest living relative".I realised today how spooky it sounded as when i got home i learnt that my sister's mother in law had passed away,she was probably the eldest relative that i had.
The photo is of a display at the annual David Jones Spring Flower Show,this year's theme is Animalia.
It's Friday afternoon and work is almost over,i'm off to after work drinks for the fourth day in a row,eek,time for a detox away from alcohol on the weekend i think.

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