Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh i feel special,I've been tagged by Catherine of Little Glowing Lights.I have to write 8 facts,habits or weird things about me.This is my first time so here we go.

1.I had to have an operation as soon as I was born as one of my feet was crooked.

2.In primary school we used to play young talent time,and we used to put on dance shows during lunch and the rest of the playground would come over and watch.

3.I went to university to study Education to be a primary school teacher and only completed 1 year.Whenever i see teachers out with a group of schoolkids,i really couldn't see myself doing that so maybe it's a good thing i didn't continue.

4.About 5 years ago i used to tape the show Entertainment Tonight everyday while i was at work and watch it when i got home,who does that,oh well i'm over that now.

5.Only 1 friend knows about this blog,i have no problem telling people it's just that i know the others aren't into the whole blogging thing or even reading it,i may tell another friend though who has started one themselves.

6.Even though i've met so many great friends online,the thought of online dating websites or meeting up with a guy from the net really irks me.

7.I didn't start learning to cook until i was in my early 20's and only began because i was sick of what my mum always cooked and she's never been interested in trying something new.

8.I'm a typical Scorpio,am a very loyal friend but someone is rude or hurts my feelings,it's very hard for me to forgive.

Ok that wasn't as hard as i though it would be,i won't tag anyone because i think most bloggers have already done this.

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sunny said...

I'm with you on the online dating. Many of my friends have tried it and are enthusiastic. I just don't see the appeal.