Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekend Dinners

For as long as i can remember,in our household,weekend dinners have always been casual,everybody is allover the place.Most weekends if i'm staying in I will pick up something on my way home from shopping.On Saturday I made a quick stopover in Woollahra on my way to Bondi Junction(more about that shopping trip later.)Queen Street deli always have a great selection of sandwiches,salads and sweet treats.I chose the thai chicken salad and wasn't disapointed,as you can see from the photo,there was lots of chicken,one thing i hate is places that are very stingy with the best ingredient in salads,it's just not fair.
On Sunday I had to go to Campsie and return some long overdue library books,i don't think i'll bother going back to the library,I'm never in the area and always forget to return books until i receive a notice in the mail.There's a large Asian grocer in the shopping centre and i had a look around and grabbed some peking dumplings and custard buns which were enjoyed on Sunday night,It was my first time steaming and i don't have a wok so luckily the bamboo steamer fit on top of a frypan i have without touching the water underneath.My combination of shiaosing wine and soy sauce wasn't quite right so i just used some hoisin sauce.The were ok,but next time i'll wait until yum cha for my dumpling fix.

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