Monday, September 10, 2007

My fortune cookie:what does it all mean?

I'm off to a good start to the week,already posting on Monday morning.The CBD should be back to normal today with most people back to work after the long weekend.
Thursday night took over as drinks night as nobody would be at work on Friday so we decided to finally make it to Palace Chinese ,it's next door to work and we've said for months that we would go,since they won best yum cha in the SMH Good Food Guide earlier in the week, we new it was now or never.

We started with a round of spring rolls and duck dumplings,the dumplings were a definite standout.
My companions are not as adventurous when it comes to food so we ordered some standard mains such as mongolian lamb,chicken cashew and salt and pepper squid to share with a bottle of N.Z sauvignon blanc.All were lovely and you could tell with fresh ingredients,the salt and pepper squid was probably too salty for the others but just right for me.Then it was off to the usual location for a few drinks and then made a quick stop at Arthouse on our way home where we unfortunately had some disappointing cocktails in the bar downstairs.

New cushion covers from IKEA

On Saturday i met some friends at Rhodes to watch The Bourne Ultimatum and a quick(or as quick as it can be) browse in IKEA. I hadn't watched the first 2 movies in the series but it wasn't difficult to figure out what was happening.I'm not usually a fan of action movies but this one did at least have a plot and some eye candy.I'm happy with that.One of our favourite Chinese restaurants Sky Phoenix has a restaurant in the Rhodes complex and we were looking forward to yum cha however we decided to just get a quick meal in the food court as we had a very fussy eater with us and didn't want to leave anyone out.
The trip to IKEA wasn't as heated as we though it would turn out but by the time we got to the registers we knew we couldn't handle it in there any longer.But i did find some cool cushion covers and at $5 each,they're an absolute bargain,it may saound odd but i'm not actually going to use these until next autumn/winter I'm already planning my bedroom look for next winter,is that odd?

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