Wednesday, January 3, 2007

You know it's going to be a bad day when...

As soon as i walked out yesterday morning i knew it would be a bad day.
I hadn't even left home when water from the rain began entering my shoe,great, i thought my feet are going to feel icky all day.
Later on the way to work the atm decided to keep my card and not spit it back,even though somebody had just used it before me and it looked ok.Rang the bank to have it stopped and reissued and was so frustrated by the girl on the line,so i had no cash and no debit card,i thought i could go back home because there's no use going to work if i have no cash,then a very generous passer by offered me $20,i told him i couldn't take it and felt bad,he insisted and said he wouldn't be standing there offering if he didn't mean it,i took it so grateful for his help and even hugged him,strange,then as i walked on i thought, i should get his bank details to transfer the money to him but he was gone.
Si i've been putting everything on my credit card in the meantime and even have about $5 left from yesterday's $20,haven't had the chance to go to the bank,might ask my brother for money,a very generous workmate offered to lend me some as well.there really are some kind people in this world.

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