Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Australia Day

We've had some very patriotic people at work this week and even if the Big Day Out organisers didn't want to see any,everywhere else in Australia,people put them up with pride.It's weird thinking that 10 years ago one of the hot topics in Australia was trying to change the Australian flags,i quite like the good old Aussie flag,probably because of all the controversy around it this past year with some idiots burning the flag.
I spent Australia day like a true Aussie,slept in and moved from my bed over to the lounge and then back to bed,a very quiet day,was meant to go away but was struck with a virus so had to stay put while the others enjoy the sun and beach down the coast.


luxuryduck said...

you sounded like you had a lovely restful australia day. i on the other hand, roamed about the city looking for some fashionable mavens.

love of love,


MissK said...

It was restful,i just wish i didn't get sick and could have gone away.