Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Of course i had to make a list,it's a pretty big one but there are so many things i need to do.
I need to note them down otherwise i always forget,and it just seems more concrete once it's published,more incentive to stick to these.

ExerciseI need to start again,i've become lazy.I don't need to be able to get into a bikini but i do have an island holiday in April and need to look better in my swimmers,and i do need to get rid of the weight i've gained.

Computer training
I need to find some courses that aren't too expensive but reputable to give me more qualifications which will hopefully mean better salary.

I was doing so well last year but i lost track in the second half of the year,too many celebrations,i started splurging again,need to cut down again,and with saving i need it to travel and buy a place later this year.

Read more books

I have plenty top read as i bought loads before Christmas and have rediscovered my local library.I've been very slack with reading since i left school.

1 new recipe per week
I love cooking something new.I'd say i'm an ok cook,no expert.So far i have kept this up for this year,i'm just lazy and don't have enough time to write them on the website,i'll try and start posting them and try to remember to take photos while cooking.

Expand Wine knowledge

I've subscribed to the Wine for Newbies podcast,it's simple and easy to understand,i'd like to learn about other regions and try their wines as well.More drinking,yes i can do that.

Start lessons again,i feel like i'm 15 when people ask me if i can drive.

Start new hobby
I've never been very artistic in the past and wasn't interested in crafts beyond primary school,i'd like to learn how to knit to make gorgeous scarves and just learn the basics of sewing from my mother.

Expand social circle
Too many friends are in coupledom and i just need to meet new single people.

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