Monday, January 22, 2007


That's the only way to describe the past weekend,up to an unbearable 38 degrees Celsius,i decided to stay indoors most of the weekend in air conditioning and only left home to attend a cocktail party at my friend's place in Potts Point with an amazing view,every time you visit you just really want to be able to live so close to the city and wake up to that view.
I don't think enough lights were on in the city and my camera couldn't pick up the lights of the harbour bridge,and i thought i had taken more photos that night but i think i was using other people's most of the time,great,so i helped everyone else with theirs but neglected my camera.
Today was a little cooler but the trains were a nightmare this afternoon and it took me over an hour more to get home.It;s still Shittyrail.

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