Sunday, January 28, 2007


We can always find a reason for celebration at work and Australia Day was no different but this time there were no drinks catered for by work. And since everyone at work knows me as the baker and they've loved everything else i've baked for them,there were requests for home made lamingtons to celebrate.
I already had a recipe but wasn't so keen at first as i knew it would be a long process.On Wednesday morning i woke up early and baked the sponge cake,let it cool while i was at work nd cut it up in squared at night after work.Then i made the chocolate coating using 500g(yes,the whole packet) of icing sugar with cocoa.Then using 2 forks i dipped the sponge in the chocolate mixture,let the excess chocolate drip off then rolled it in dessicated coconut.
I left them to set in an air tight container overnight and when i work up the next morning,i saw my nephew starting to open the container but luckily i got them back which he wasn't too happy soon as i opened the container at work,the coconut scent hit you and they smelled so good,tasted even better and plenty of people went back for seconds and even thirds,even i was impressed by my effort.
Now what to make for next week?

Makes 15
110g (1.5 cups)caster sugar
3 eggs,at room temp
2 teaspoons butter,softened
100g (2/3 cup) self raising flour
2 tablespoons cornflour
500g (3 1/2 cups) pure icing sugar
50g (1/2 cup) cocoa powder
170g (2cups) desiccated coconut

Preheat oven to 180degrees Celsius.Grease a 16cm *26cm cake tin and line the base and long sides with a piece of non-stick baking paper,allowing it to overhang the sides.

Use an electric beater with a whisk attachment to whisk the sugar and eggs for 5 minutes or until very thick and pale, and a ribbon forms when the beaters are lifted.

Combine the butter with 1 tablespoon boiling water and stir until it melts.Sift together the self raising flour and cornflour over the egg mixture. Pour the butter mixture down the side of the bowl. use a large metal spoon or spatula to fold until the mixture is just combined. Pour into prepared tin and gently smooth the surface. bake in preheated oven for 12 minutes or until the cake is just cooked(the top will spring back when touched and the cake will come away from the sides of the tin).Cool the cake in the tin.

Remove the cake from the tin and cut into 15 pieces.Sift together the icing sugar and cocoa powder into a heatproof bowl.Add 150ml boiling water and stir until smooth.

Spread the coconut over a tray,Use 2 forks to briefly dip a piece of cake into the icing to coat.Allow the excess to drip off.Roll in coconut to coat,then place on a wire rack.repeat to coat all the pieces of cake.Set aside for 1 hour or until the icing is set before serving.

*Although it says 500g comes to 3.5 cups,it does not,so i would see how much is in per packet and estimate 500g,i was lucky that i had a 500g box so just put all of it in.
*It is a good idea to make the cake mixture a few hours before or even the day before.

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