Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm sorry,i can't,don't hate me

You may remember these words from Burger to Carrie in Sex and the City that he used on the post it to break up with her.These are the words i kept hearing on my trip to Ikea on the weekend.I've heard many people sing its praises around the world,good design at affordable prices.
It all looked great upstairs in the display area,intimate rooms created to set the mood and get you excited,then as i entered the isles where you collect things it all looked so unappealing,then the market floor where things are dumped in boxes and you see hundreds of the same item repeated and think,how many people around the world have the same thing, I'd rather find something more original and something that hasn't come of the production line of thousands or millions.
But i did also get to see an example of my dream kitchen,white and simple with wood bench tops and white cupboards as seen below

I felt like i was just a number in a production line,especially when you get to the checkout and the assistants don't even speak to you,just try to get rid of you.
I've realised i'm the type of shopper who needs to enjoy the experience and not have to do everything myself,some might say you pay extra for the convenience,but hey,that's just me,anyway who has time to waste a whole weekend building furniture

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