Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fabric Galore

Lots of fabric being purchased recently but no sewing.Hoping to get back into it next week during the long weekend.
The first lot was ordered last week from Lara Cameron and bought a bag of mixed pieces of fabric for $10 from Funkis when I stumbled on the Strand Arcade Designer Workroom sale.A few designers set up tables at the 2 ends of the arcade and sold leftover fabric,buttons and other supplies.

It's the first day of winter here and it did indeed remind us the cold is on its way as it has been overcast and started raining lightly.
I won't be participating in This Is meme this week,I was never allowed a pet when I was younger and the birds my parents had really didn't interest me as they just sit there in cages,I am not a bird person

I've been a very slack blogger the past 2 months so I am giving myself a challenge to post at least once a day during the month of June,let's see how I go.


Sarah said...

Hello! You couldn't have been a more slack blogger than me. I've been dreadfully slack. I got an email from Signature Prints about their sale. I so wish I could have gone! Did you go? My Mum and my 2 sisters are coming to Sydney in November for my eldest sister's
40th birthday (lots of papmpering that day) and it has been 8 years since I was there so would love some tips from you!
Perhaps we could even meet up for a drink?

MissK said...

No i didn't go,was busy and am on a budget at the moment.
I'm always eager for a drink,I'm planning on moving to Melbourne in November but don't have a definite date so will love to catch up if I'm still in Sydney

Catherine said...

oh no fair you got to go to the funkis sale! I love the fabric you got from them, and the Lara Cameron. What are you going to make with it? Look forward to seeing your creations!

MissK said...

Not sure what to make with them yet,but they were just too pretty not to buy right now.