Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some blue for the winter blues

One of my favourite colours,i only found out recently that it shouldn't be used in the kitchen as it is an appetite suppresent,always handy to know,but I love the look in these 2 rooms.

I also love the shape of both tables in the 2 images,becoming very popular and appearing everywhere.

Top image from Domino magazine
Bottom image from Oprah at Home Magazine


HollyG said...

which month's Domino is that top image from? I must have those mirrors, that desk, and the pouf under the desk!!
Love your blog.

MissK said...

I'm not sure,found it online.

Kimberlee said...

If blue is an appetite supressant I think I need to not only paint my kitchen that colour, but my whole friggin place! he he