Thursday, June 12, 2008

Plan B

A friend and I met for lunch today and I suggested we try the wagyu beef burger at Plan B,a small cafe run by and next to Becasse restaurant in Sydney after it was featured on one of my favourite food blogs Not Quite Nigella.
I knew I was going to enjoy this burger when the food arrived and I saw the melted cheese covering the beef patty. It also had beetroot,lettuce and caramlised onions.
It didn't look too big on arrival and my friend thought she would need some fries to fill her up but we were both struggling to finish it,we wanted to finish it because it tasted so good but our tummies were saying it couldn't handle anymore.

Photos are not the best as the sun was shining on us.


Lorraine E said...

Your photo makes me want to go back and have another!

h&b said...

Note to self:

don't go blog-hopping when hungry.

Now .. what's in my pathetic kitchen to eat, stat. ?

Kimberlee said...

ok, where is that blue kitchen to supress my appetite! - and beetroot in a burger is the best!!! I love beetroot.