Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Melbourne-Day 2

Flinders Street Station

Federation Square

Madame Sousou on Brunswick St,Fitzroy

My very delicious lunch of figs wrapped in proscuitto with goats cheese

Tusk cafe and bar in Prahran

A Melbourne tram

*Went out for breakfast while my friend slept as he had gone out dancing again the previous night
*Poached egg on an amazing ham and cheese sandwich at Journal on Flinders St,the breakfast menu looks simple but tastes amazing.The coffee was so good i had drank my first cup before my food arrived
*Had to roll my eyes listening to a pretentious couple from Sydney while enjoying breakfast,almost felt embarassed to be from the same place
*Made a quick trip to Federation Square-what's that all about?
*Noticed there were some markets across the road at The Arts Centre and had a quick browse while waiting to meet my friend
*We finally figured out how the transport system works,Couldn't believe there was a $2.60 Sunday Saver,almost anywhere for the day on bus,train and trams,so cheap.
*Missed our stop on the tram on our way to Fitzroy and ended in the wrong part of town
*Had an amazing lunch at Madame SouSou,you just wanted to sit in there all day
*Lots of great cute boutiques,cafes and bars along Brunswick St
*Another visit to Prahran,absolutely loved Chapel Street Bazaar,such a huge range of vintage finds from clothing,records to glasswear,you could spend a few hours in there
*By the time we got back to our hotel and were ready for dinner it was already 9:30 pm so we just ordered room service and grabbed a bottle of wine on the way back

*Monday was our last day,a short day,visited Chapel Street,South Yarra,I think it's gone downhill,the stores were quite dissapointing.

*On the way through Melbourne airport I was "randomly" selected to be tested for drugs and explosives,i wanted to lasugh

I had a great time and have started thinking about eventually moving there at the end of the year,we shall see.

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Mary-Laure said...

thanks for sharing these pictures; i've never been to melbourne but i hear it's a great city, and your pics allowed me to get a taste of the place... i love it when blogs make me travel!