Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Melbourne - Day 1

Our Hotel on Little Collins St

Hotel Room

Breakfast at Talking Heads cafe,Flinders Lane

Time for champagne

Inside GPO

Hopetoun Tea Rooms

Laurent Patisserie

Block Arcade

Melbourne is well known for it's laneways filled with boutiques and cafes

We arrived at our hotel on Friday night at about 10pm,a colleague of ours was very generous and gave us a bottle of Moet to start off our holiday,we couldn't believe it when we opened it up,it was a limited edition bottle decorated with Swarovski crystals,we were in a rush to drink it but had to wait for it to get cold,we hardly had any patience and opened it before going out,I came up with the idea of adding the ice cubes that were in our mini bar,in the bathroom basin.

My travelling partner had asked his friends about clubs to go to,we decided on The Market,all we knew was that it was off Chapel Street,off we went in a taxi with no idea where we were and hoping to stumble upon it,we asked around and finally found it,well duh of course it was near Prahran market,hence the name.
That night there was a cover charge of $35 as DJ David Morales was playing,we really wanted to party and have a dance so we obliged,we entered a massive club with 3 levels,I made the mistake of wearing heels but it just meant I had to take some breaks in between,we had such a great time,just dancing to the music,it was a great crowd as well,no attitude,I can't remember the last time I went out dancing until 4am.We would have stayed longer but had to make the most of our time exploring the city the following day.
We woke up pretty late the next morning and started our tour in the city,our first priority was breakfast,I had my favourite,eggs benedict,the eggs were poached beautifully and tasted amazing and the coffee was great,a good way to start the day.

Some events of the day included:
Exploring the laneways around the city
Lots and lots of shops,they close late as well
Exploring the Paris end with designer boutiques
Running into a well known tennis player
Discovering the Hopetoun Tea Rooms,such a shame we got there pretty late just before closing time so couldn't hang around longer,such a beautiful and opulent room
Made a quick trip to Koko Black,we weren't hungry so just bought some chocolates to take home.
Saturday night was a disaster with cab drivers taking us somewhere else and finding no decent restaurants in the city open
Decided to go out to Lygon Street for dinner,went back to our room to enjoy a bottle of wine,my friend went out dancing again

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