Saturday, January 12, 2008

The card above is how I'm feeling right now,I was so touched with the lovely comments and people leaving comments on my last entry.This whole blogging thing is odd,you're happy to just do it for yourself and occasionally when you don't get any comments at all you think why am i doing this can I be bothered?
I received this thank you card recently from my recently married friend,I loved that the message inside was personal and not the usual,thanks for coming and thank you for the gift.It can be the little things that make such a difference.
Some good news this week,Last night i attended what was to be my friend's farewell before leaving for London but she is staying so last night's event ran on a different theme,such great news,love can do very funny things.

My last mail goodness for 2007 were some cute country and autumn themed stamps and Lotta Jansdotter fabric bought on Etsy.This will have to be used much later when I have experience at using the sewing machine,the fabric is too special and must be used for something amazing.


ali said...

What fun things for you! Love the stamps, and of course, you GOTTA love LOTTA. :)

I just got a sweet note in the mail from a friend, too, and it really made my day.

Ashley said...

Where can I find these lovely stamps?

MissK said...

The stamps are from this etsy seller