Sunday, January 20, 2008

Goodbye Weekend

It gets a lit sad this time on Sunday evenings when the weekend is almost over and time to get ready for another work week.
Saturday morning it was time for a haircut,I really do not look forward to this,I hate waiting around for the hairdresser,they seem to always be in a rush on Saturdays but there are no other times i can go.
Yesterday was a miserable rainy day and I took the time to relax with the latest issue of Frankie magazine and a bowl of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.
Took out my new toy,the sewing machine and learnt how to thread the machine and get started and had a few practices of sewing straight lines,it was so easy to control the fabric.
Today I met a friend for a lovely leisurely Sunday lunch at BBQ King in Chinatown.

This week I just need to get ready for my trip to Melbourne and do a little research on things to do or where to go while there.Cannot wait!


HollyG said...

Hi Miss K, I just have to say that your pictures are gorgeous! I love the quality of light, shadow, and color. What type of camera do you use? I'm very dissatisfied with mine because I think it distorts colors, so I'd appreciate any camera advice! (on a budget, of course...I have 0 $). Love your blog!

Catherine said...

Your ice cream and sprinkles is the best, that is one of my all time favourites, actually anything with sprinkles, I am a sucker for fairy bread!

MissK said...

Hi Holly,
I use a Panasonic Lumix camera which was a hand me down,I think they sell for about $400 these days,that's in Aussie dollars so less for you in the U.S.
I think it's a good idea to check out flickr,I always look to see what camera someone is using,you may be able to find something,I haven't gone out looking for a camera for years.
As for taking photos,you definitely need good light,don't shake,and make sure you focus first before taking the shot.

Hi Catherine,
I love sprinkles on anything as well,I actually bought the sprinkles a few months ago to make fairy bread,will always be a favourite.