Friday, January 4, 2008

Goodbye 2007/Hello 2008

In an recent post I mentioned how I used to love buying new stationery at the beginning of a new school year.I'm no longer in school but i do still love to buy some at the start of the year,how cool are these pencils.
I don't really want to make any new years resolutions but here is a summary of highlights of 2007 and things I'd like to do or planning in 2008.

*Started this blog of course
*Discovered Etsy and became addicted
*Attended 2 friends weddings,one was even on a tropical island
*Traveled to the mountains with friends
*Became addicted to apple martinis
*Had a few stomach bugs-so not fun
*Found the perfect scone recipe
*Found a lovely and kind magazine swap partner and we have kept in contact,I still love
receiving lovely packages in the mail and finding out what's happening in their world
*Had some cupping done by my physio-that was umm "interesting"
*Completed my first DIY project
*Enjoyed many lovely park lunches and other food adventures with Lisa
*Had more indulgent champagne breakfasts with friends
*Was introduced to Clover my Tasmanian Tiger
*Discovered a love of karaoke
*Attempted many new recipes
*Found the perfect dress.
*Realised I'm much stronger than I think,learnt that while having a hard time with a boss at work

Travel overseas
Visit Melbourne(am now planning a trip)
Wake up early on weekdays
Read at least one book per month
I haven't renewed any of my cooking magazine subscriptions to be able to use my cookbooks more
Save every month
Make a perfect pie crust
Learn to sew with my new machine
Take more photos
Post more often on this blog
Start attending the ballet again
Find a new job
Learn to knit and make a scarf this winter
Take my lunch into work more often
Spend money wisely
Eek,I'm turning 30.
Travel down the coast to another friend's wedding later this year
Attend a cake decorating course


Sarah said...

What a perfect post. You achieved a lot of good things in 2007 and I have a feeling 2008 is going to be a good year for all of us.

Catherine said...

Wow so many things for 2008! I like your list some of those would be on my list too, I hope you have a wonderful 2008.

Cheeky Beaks said...

Happy New Year! Good luck witht the job thing this year.
Can you tell me where to get the bakers twine? I'm a bit in love with it.

MissK said...

I didn't think there was much until I wrote it all down.
The bakers twine is from The Bay Tree in Woollahra

Kristen said...

Thanks MissK! I will give them a call.

ali said...

Sounds like you have had a great year, other than the stomach bugs. I'm looking forward to what's on the horizon for 2008. My list looks a lot like yours and I hope they all come "true" for both of us!