Thursday, January 17, 2008

A little late

Even though I took down my Christmas decorations down on January 6,I left my little wooden tree up as I had to find a box to store all my Christmas paraphernalia,decorations,cards,recipes,ribbon and articles full of ideas,a central place I could have sitting in the corner of my wardrobe so I didn't have to try and remember where everything was come December,I may even add other cards and general wrapping accessories in there.
I had a look around different stationery stores for the perfect box,I wanted one in red since it's always associated with Christmas,the boxes at Kikki K were perfect but probably too expensive at $35 just for a box,then later that day at Officeworks,inspiration struck,I decided to buy a cardboard box used for the post and bought some pretty red patterned paper,measured all the sides and glued all the paper on,it isn't perfect but it will do,the box only cost about $2 and then a couple of extra dollars for the paper.

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