Saturday, August 4, 2007

Blue Mountains

Front of hotel

One of the wings

Inside the main corridor

Friday afternoon we left Sydney for a quick winter getaway to the Blue Mountains.We were staying at the very grand Hydro Majestic.While we waited for the second car to arrive we went to the bar for a well deserved drink and that's when many problems began.It started with most drinks on the bar menu not able to be made as the one and only cocktail shaker in a huge hotel had been taken,no olives for a martini (oh the horror!),heating not working in any of our rooms which is pretty poor since we're in a very cold location.Someone did come up and basically told us they couldn't fix it but they did give us these big old electric heaters which looked like they were made after e were born,and were probably a huge safety risk.

Spent a lot of time by the fire

All frocked up for dinner

Luckily we bought some bottles of wine and sparkling and got together for some pre dinner drinks in the bar next to the warm and cozy fire.We were all starving by the time we went to the Grand Dining Room for dinner.It was a choice of your standard hotel dining room menu,most of the other girls had the beef tenderloin and i had lamb cutlets on rosemary mash.We were surprised to see a bottle of our favourite dessert wines at $18 which was an absolute bargain since it retails for about $22 at the bottle shop,we double checked before ordering and were told it was a typo that they hadn't fixed for a while and the actual price was $60 per bottle,ouch,good idea we didn't order it.

The gardens

View from the hotel

On our way home

After dinner we ordered cheese plates and grabbed more glasses to eat and drink in the bar,waiting for everyone else to leave so we could get the prime spot again in front of the fireplace.At one stage we got a little silly and started taking lots of photos.We weren't ready to call it a night so decided to go back to our rooms and just hang out talking.On our way back we found a warm little room with lounges and decided to go put on our pajamas and return.We couldn't believe our luck,at most other hotels,someone would probably come by and kick us out.By 1am we were too tired and decided to call it a night.

The following day after breakfast we quickly went outside for some last minute photos before the trip home.
This is such a beautiful and historic hotel,it's a shame it's let down by the lack of service but unfortunately we will not be recommending this hotel to anybody.

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