Monday, August 20, 2007

Sydney Design 07

Aloe Blossom lights by Jeremy Cole hang in the Powerhouse museum

Smoked salmon bagel from Bagel Cafe

Macaron from Adriano Zumbo

Finally made it to The Powerhouse on Saturday for Sydney Design 07.Some of the exhibitions in the programme are permanent collections or exhibitions that have been there for a few months and The Powerhouse Museum is probably the only large museum in Sydney that has concentrated on fashion and design.But there are some amazing items which make your jaw drop.I had shivers standing so close to a vintage Balenciaga gown.

One of my favourite magazines Home Beautiful had the winners of the HB Product of the Year Awards,nominations and winners here ,my favourite was the Stella Round Table by Zuster which was inspired by ballerinas legs.The IKEA Malm headboard piece is genius for small spaces.

Another reason for my visit was The Young Blood Designer market.It was quite small and when i got there i did a quick tour of the place to suss out what i liked.I bought some feather print fabric from Surface Art to make some cushions or to stretch on some canvas.
I then decided to make a quick trip to Balmain and Rozelle for the markets and to finally visit Adriano Zumbo pattisserie for macaron.Chocolate is usually not my favourite flavour for cakes and ice cream but the chocolate macaron was probably my fave,so rich and moist inside.
Took a quick look around the markets and bought the cutest summer hat for my my niece,it has a wide brim with different coloured love hearts allover.
By the time i made it up to Rozelle many of the market stallholders were packing up but still did a quick trip around the grounds to see if there was anything interesting.All i found were some beautiful emerald green espresso cups and matching saucers.Unfortunately i hardly ever drink espresso to be able to justify buying them.
Last stop was at Bagel cafe for a smoked salmon bagel with lashings of cream cheese,lettuce,red onion and unfortunately the only let down they had those yucky capers instead of the salted ones.

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