Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What do you do the day after finishing a detox?Yes i did get up in the morning and go for a jog but during the day you find yourself down the road from Bourke Street Bakery at lunchtime and couldn't just not go in.

Lamb harissa sausage roll

Pork and fennel sausage roll

First thing i noticed in the window was the chocolate mousse and raspberry tart Raging Yoghurt had blogged about,and there was strawberry and vanilla creme brulee as well.Then it all got better as i walked in and could see some sausage rolls staying warm in the little sausage roll and pie oven,Yippee i thought,finally after visiting this place so many times,i can finally try these.So i had to order one of the pork and fennel,and one of the lamb harissa sausage rolls.I felt like i had won the jackpot.
I'm not a fan of the pork and fennel,i love fennel seeds but not the rest of the bulb and there were too many pieces in it.The lamb harissa was beautiful,tasted like it had some chutney inside,this one was definitely my favourite.

Strawberry and vanilla creme brulee

The chocolate mousse and raspberry tart actually tasted like a cherry ripe chocolate bar which is odd as there were no cherries in this dessert and i don't like cherry ripe bars and absolutely loved this tart.
Oh the creme brulee,with just a hint of strawberry on the bottom hit the right notes and the custard was perfect when warm against the hardness of the toffee on top.

Chocolate mousse and raspberry tart

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bowb said...

funny, i always got the lamb and harrisa sausage roll, which i love, even though i knew that i had to try the pork and fennel one. and then when i finally gave the pork one a go, i was disappointed by how un-fennelly it seemed. so now it's back to lamb and harissa. mmm... those little currants.