Friday, August 24, 2007

Links and a mini detox

I've decided it's time for a mini detox,i have been having far too much sugary foods,i can't get any quality sleep.I found a book Detox by nutritionist Penelope Sach which has quite a few depending on what you want to detox from.I've decided to adapt the sugar one to myself,unlike the others,there are no fruit juices to be consumed,just carrot or beetroot.The soup broth is made of cauliflower and other vegetables i don't like but i'm not going to do a full on detox so am just eating clean food,mostly fruit,vegetables and multigrain bread,smokes salmon and no meat or poultry.Detox is only 3 days so hopefully i should be able to survive it.

I discovered this great site recently,Jezebel,it has a bit of everything,and it's very witty and cheeky,a fun read.
And The NY Observer is republishing the original columns from Candice Bushnell from 1995 that started Sex and the City

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