Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ouch and Argh!

I've just spent a very frustrating 1.5 hours trying to make pastry for a lattice style tart and it was very frustrating,i've made pastry so many other times and they turned out fine,this particular one just wasn't working,it was still too wet so i added more flour so it wouldn't stick when rolling it out flat and it would break,i tried to fix it by hand,still nothing apart from hurting my wrists(thy hurt)put it back in the food processor,still nothing,what was meant to be a tart for 8 is now turning into dessert for just 2 as there was so much flour in the end it would just sit there and go nowhere.And on top of that i have a huge cut o my finger from the food processor blade.I think i just need to find a sweet pastry recipe i'm happy with and stick to that,i've now left the pastry in the fridge for 2 hours and i should be much calmer when it's time to continue,the rest of the recipe is the easiest part.
Completed Ikea cabinets

Other than today's episode i've had a lovely calm weekend,finally finished the Ikea cabinets,sat down in front of the heater last night and stuck the decorative paper on,i thought i would have to try a few times and wouldn't get a good fit but it was pretty easy,no panic attacks,The only non calm period was when my sister and nephew visited,i basically now have to put anything precious or dangerous up high on my bookcase when he comes over because he wants to touh everything and will scream if he can't have it,argh,i can't stand him anymore.

Made pizza from scratch last night with roasted capsicum,proscuitto,parmesan and goats cheese,was really good and i love making the pizza base,i recommend using the 00 piza flour from Italy,it even has that authentic pizza base smell.Made a large batch and have frozen pieces to take to work this week.

Beef and Mushroom pie from Aboutlife

I'm also in pain from yoga yesterday morning,it was my first time in ages and my body has just been very stiff lately and i look like an idiot right now having to compleely turn around to look to the left or right,ouch,need to get the heatpack out.
Yesterday morning i made a quick trip to Leichhardt and Rozelle for some groceries and to visit my favourite organic store AboutLife in Rozelle,most things there are organic with a small supply of non organic as well,every neighbourhood needs this place but it isn't cheap so don't go there too often,sat down and enjoyed a lovely lunch before heading home.

Off to watch the Gilmore Girls now.


Sydney Food Princess said...

The cabinet looks fantastic! Sorry to hear about the pastry - I will show you how to make the one I used for the pecan pies if you like. It's fairly easy to work with and bakes beautifully.

MissK said...

Thanks,i'm blaming the pastry on the chef's recipe,probably wasn't right for a home kitchen.