Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ouch again!

I had mentioned in a previous post about being in pain from yoga,last week i decided to visit the physio as the pain wouldn't go away.The physio says that the pain has been from working at a desk all day and hunching over and the yoga just triggered it as my muscles had to stretch in a way they weren't used to and he's taught me some stretching exercises to start getting my shoulders back again and he says it's very common in a lot of office workers,it definitely doesn't help when companies never replace their chairs or don't care amount ergonomics.
Part of my treatment involved cupping,it's very hard to explain but a vessel shaped like a cup or lightglobe is attached to this little machine he has and it's placed quickly allover your back,and i had some done on the front of my shoulders,it releases hot air and it sucks right onto the skin and pulld it and is meant to get rid of toxins and restore blood circulation.I've heard it hurts less the more times you have it done which sounds better as the thought of having it done over the current bruises scares me.The bruises are hurting less,the following day was the worst and even putting my handbag on my shoulder hurt,but i did enjoy showing off my bruises to everyone.
Am thinking of maybe having a late winter getaway to Melbourne next month,i have been inspired by Raging Yoghurt's recent trip there,and have wanted to go back during the cooler months but as i'm hoping to get a new job not sure about being able to have a long weekend,or maybe i can leave it for September when all city workers are given the day off for the APEC summit.
I'm having yet another quiet weekend just planning on relaxing,reading and watching dvds,even though the sun is out it's still cold,hoping to go and see a frien in a play on the other side of town if i feel ok tomorrow.

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Catherine said...

Oh that looks quite painful! I know what sitting at a desk all day can be like on a back and shoulders. Not the best feeling. I hope you will get to Melbourne it is a great place to visit and explore.