Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Community Theatre

Church door

On Sunday afternoon i made the trek over the bridge to watch a friend perform in Mover Over Mrs Markham as part of the Lane Cover Community Theatre Group.The performances are held in a small church hall.All of the actors were a standout and after the show went back to my friend's place a for a quick dinner and a bottle of chardonnay.It felt very odd going home late on a Sunday evening on the train as I always make Sunday an early night in preparation for the new week ahead.
On Monday morning it was back to the physio for more treatments,but luckily didn't have to have any cupping done,but the pain from the bruising has gone and the bruises are fading,actually i just looked,they are gone.I don't need to go back now for another few weeks and just have to continue doing some stretches.Today i had to sit in a chair all day that had no back support while attending a training session,certainly not the best thing for me but there simply wasn't anything i could do except,sit there and wait for the day to end while having to concentrate on what was being said.

The view from Longueville looking back to the harbour

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