Friday, July 13, 2007

Dinner for One and a Slow Weekend

The great thing about cooking for one is that you can make a snack or what you would normally serve to others as a starter or entree,and call it dinner.
Grab a baguette and cut in slices,spread some goats cheese and top with caramelised mushrooms and sprinkle some rocket on top.
Have had a hectic week at work,on some days i hardly had time to myself to just send a personal email,everyone is under a lot of pressure right now.Am looking forward to a very quiet weekend,have absolutely nothing planned,may make a quick trip to the local library to find a new book,after all the reading i did last month i have taken a break from it the last fortnight and need something new to read.Decided to get something a little different,from the newsagent as well and bought Frankie magazine to read,i've never bought it before and it's quite funky with a little bit of everything,and it came with a set of cards,very cute,will try and remember to take a photo of them.
I've even joined Facebook,i really disliked myspace for some reason so am surprised I've joined the bandwagon.
Looking forward to seeing a friend who arrives from London and planning a girly weekend break out to the Blue Mountains and staying at The Hydro Majestic.

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