Friday, May 25, 2007

Yay,it's finally Friday again and i can start to relax even though i'm sitting here at work,but there is always a different mood on Fridays.Didn't get a lot of sleep last night so i'm surving on coffee today.
I got the biggest cold sore ever this week and have been using Zovirax as soon as i noticed it and it doesn't work,the biggest waste of $15.No going out for me this weekend looking like this.everytime you speak to someone you just know they're staring at it.
I've been in the mood to clean this week after hearing some decluttering expert talking on the radio and have cleaned out my bathroom cabinet to just what i use,i have a habit of keeping things and saying i'll use them eventually but i never do,got rid of some makeup i've had sitting there not being used,and sorted my mail and bills and put them all in a folder,it's true you feel so much lighter after a big clean up.
So i'm staying in all weekend and i received a new bunch of magazines from Heidi last night,so i can start on those,i need to change to flanelette sheets and use my warmer winter quilt as it's quite cold every morning and evening.I bought some small storage boxes from Ikea so i'll have to build that and try not get frustrated.
I might even enter this competition,i did buy a cork board last week.

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