Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Out of action

This is where i've been spending most of my day,in bed recovering from a stomach virus the past few days,why does this always happen to me,argh,feeling very blah and not getting up to much except reading and watching tv.I know that my pillows don't match everything else but i'm too sick to care.
On the weekend i completed my first ever Ikea creation,i know i wrote earlier how much i hated the place but once i'm finished with it it won't look like it came from there.I'm planning on painting it and then adding some peacock feather patterned paper either just at the front or allover.I thought it would be difficult to construct but after building the exterior i didn't have to follow the instructions and it was quite therapeutic banging away with a hammer.

Sunday i had a very frustrating afternoon trying to cook and i had lost my cooking mojo,started making polenta and it just started sticking onto the bottom of the pan and since the instructions said to leave it on for 30mins i knew it would only get worse and out of frustration i threw it in the bin.
After that i tried making creme caramel and the syrup was meant to turn brown but mine was still clear so i put it into the cooking mould anyway and it stuck to everything,i had huge lumps of syrup that had hardened and i thought i had ruined everything but everything eventually came off after a few hours in hot water.

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