Friday, May 18, 2007

Thank God It's Friday

Another long and busy working week has passed.Time to unwind,started tonight with some much needed drinks after work and a good bitch session.
Looking forward to a champagne breakfast tomorrow morning and catching up with everyone since our trip.Our breakfasts turn into lunch and carry on until the afternoon on most occasions.
Can finally give my friend her wedding present.
Have quite a bit of framing to finish this weekend,one small one for a print i bought from Mav at Port2Port
Finally took out my Keep Calm and Carry On Poster and have trimmed it and just need to frame it and put it up or i might just leave it up leaning against the wall above my bookcase.
And i need to decide how large to cut my Florence Broadhurst print and how to display it.
Fix resume and apply for a few jobs
Go out for lunch and shopping with a friend.

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