Monday, May 21, 2007

Work and play

Saturday morning breakfast went on until the evening.
Beautiful sunny autumn day with beers and a few bottles of wine at The Australian Heritage Hotel.

It was so lovely walking across the Harbour Bridge from The Rocks over to Kirribilli,It's such an easy walk,even in heels,all flat and such a beautiful view.

Put up a few prints,a leaf print from Port2Port Press,My Keep Calm and Carry On poster finally came out of storage,and my Florence Broadhurst butterfly wallpaper.I'm not sure if i should frame it or just leave it up like a poster as it currently is,might visit a craft store and see what my choices are,anybody have any ideas?


Sarah said...

That's a lot of beer for breakfast!
I really like how you have placed the Florence wallpaper over your bed as is.

MissK said...

That photo was taken in the afternoon and there were another 3 people there.
I might cut the wallpaper into 3 pieces and frame individually.