Saturday, May 5, 2007

Growers Market

First Saturday of the month is time for the growers market at Pyrmont outside Star City Casino.It had been over 6 months since our last visit so it was time to return.A lovely sunny day brought along a large crowd.

It isn't hard deciding where to begin and this time again we began at the bakery stall for pastries and coffee from the next booth.A portugese tart and berry mascapone tart for myself and coats cheese tart and strawberry tart for my friend.Also some peach and mango juice with a refreshing taste exploding in our mouth with the first sip.Unfortunately the wagyu beef stall wasn't making their sausage rolls but i don't think i could have fit one in.
As we walked past the flower stall i saw these flowers that were purple in the middle and then surrounded by green leaves that made it look like leaves,i had never seen these before and had to have one,it's looking lovely right now on my vanity in a turquoise vase.

Speaking of purple,one stall had purple potatoes called sapphire that are purple in the centre and is good for mashed potato,that is purple!Now that would definitely be a conversation starter at your next dinner party.
In the end i bought a wagyu beef pie for dinner,chicken,leek and tarragon ravioli,next time i'm bringing my freezer bag to walk away with some butter and ice cream sandwiches.


Julia said...

Aren't those tarts the best?! And how are the wagyu pies - I always want one but am too full from all the treats. And that butter is reason alone to get up early for the markets, yum.

MissK said...

The pies are ok,not as good as the sausages though.
I definitely need to get some butter next time,i regretted not buying some as i went straight home and it wouldn't have melted much.