Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some light reading

I made a trip to the local library last week looking for something easy to read.I really want to learn how to knit this year so I borrowed the top book to get me in the mood for learning.
I received Camilla Morton's first book How To Walk in High Heels,a few years ago as a gift and decided to borrow the latest,I'm just skimming through it.I don't normally buy fashion magazines but Harpers Bazaar had a very large issue this month for a new season that's approaching,and I bought Vogue for the free Karl Lagerfeld dvd that came with it,the man fascinates me and I think he's a legend.
Saturday afternoon got quite cold and I had a sore throat,felt like a cold was coming on so I curled up in bed and read for the rest of the day.
Sunday i decided to go to Newtown,I hadn't been in years,there are so many great antique stores along the southern end of King Street,I preferred this area to the main section of King Street,there was even a store called All Buttons which of course just sold buttons,unfortunately they were closed,but I will definitely be back.

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