Monday, June 11, 2007

White sugary goodness

I was browsing some food blogs and came across this on Seven Spoons about Sugar High Friday and i'm feeling inspired and i think some of them would be great to try out for an upcoming challenge my friend and i are planning on,more about that soon.
Hmm,i may even look at participating in Sugar High Friday.

Another challenge i accomplished was finishing the Warhol book i was reading.I promised everyone i would be finished by the long weekend and had finished by early Sunday morning.I recently purchased The Warhol Diaries and that's very big so i think i'll just be reading bits every night before bed,there's no way i can carry that book around everywhere.
I'm now reading The Ethics of What We Eat by Peter Singer and Jim Mason.I already eat organic chicken and free range eggs but think by the end of this book all meat i eat will be free range or i'll cut down.

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