Sunday, June 24, 2007

All aboard!

Getting ready for the big train trip

White roses as centrepiece

Clover checks to see if there is any wine left

Clover loves antipasto and hopes to eat before it's all gone

With precision planning we organised a trip to Penrith on the outskirts of Sydney to visit Tanya who has recently made the big move out there with her boyfriend.This of course got Clover excited as she had never been on a train before and she heard her other tiger friends Benji and Margaret would also be there.
Since the country trains only depart every hour we all made sure we were there on time,everyone else met at Central and I joined them at Strathfield. I was greeted by Kat who got off the train to make sure i was there and looked spectacular with her fedora on.
The trip didn't take as long as we had anticipated and we were soon navigating the streets of Penrith trying to find the right street,we were exhausted and ready for a drink when we arrived ,their place is amazing,beautiful double storey townhouse and the thing we couldn't believe was that this huge 2 bedroom home is only $285 a week in rent!We could now see the appeal of moving away from the city.
Tanya made an amazing lunch,we started off with antipasto and champagne in the living room while we all caught up on girly gossip in a boy free zone.One of the funniest moments was when Kat was talking about the Hunter Valley and when saying Hunter she accidentally replaced the H with a C.We were all in histerics.
For the main course we proceeded to the dining area which was beautifully laid out and even with a bunch of roses as a centrepiece.We ate chicken roasted with tomatoes,and the most divine potatoes,carrots and beans that must have been slathered with butter.Dessert was a divine sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and cream,oh it was amazing.
We returned to the living room for more drinks and Lynne had to leave a little earlier to return to the city and attend a ball for work,the rest of us left an hour later,didn't want to make it too late because of the long journey,we thanked Tan for such a lovely day and promised to return another weekend and may even plan a sleepover.

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