Friday, June 8, 2007

Long weekend

It feels like i've neglected the blog but i really haven't.It's been a very quiet week,it's getting colder so time to nest.I started reading Popism The Warhol Sixties over 2 months ago and was sidetracked with a bunch of magazines so this week i set myself the task of finishing it by the end of the long weekend.I counted the amount of pages remaing and divided by the days remaing and i've actually exceeded the amount required per day,yay.I've been very slack with reading this year.It's come at the right time though as we have a long weekend and it's cold and very windy.It'll be a quiet weekend to read,start cooking again,hope my mojo returns and i'm hoping it stops raining one day so i can paint my ikea drawers.
I quickly went out this morning to get some groceries and i won't be going back out there again, it was raining so hard.

There's been another Colour Week on flickr this week and it's been a little more difficult because there is hardly any light so i've had to photograph everything by the window with the blinds up t let in as much light as possible.
This week i finally organised some training to attend which is part of my grand plan,there isn't really one yet but it will help me on my way out of this current job.

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