Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I couldn't do it

You never realise how addicted you may be to things until you try to get rid of them.I don't even watch much tv but i always need it as background noise and that's exactly what happened during my little experiment.I was worse with the computer,i would still quickly go online as soon as i woke up each morning.The internet has become so important in our lives,you don't even need to ring places anymore,find most info on their websites.
Oh well,it was good practice and i may take it more seriously for this.


The countdown is on for the wedding in April and i gladly joined the girls to help out with some preparations.My mum would be so proud if she knew i was sewing on Saturday morning.It was a very poor effort but i hadn't touched a sewing machine since i was 13.Alot was accomplished and Tegan had a fitting for her dresses being made by the talented Kathleen.I finally received my invitation and met my Thylacine Clover who's named after Clover Hill sparkling wine.
It was still early in the evening so we went to Tegan's new apartment and they have done such a great job in updating the place,the previous owners had a yucky cream coloured paint and hideous pineapple print blinds.Then it was off to the local Korean for a cheap and lovely meal then back to their place for more wine and chit chat while listening to the saturday night party mix on the radio.
Sunday was time for some culture as Lisa,her friend John and I watched The Singer as part of the French Film Festival,it was in some parts as predictable as any Hollywood love story and didn't make sense in some parts.Had a quick drink at the Beauchamp Hotel then it was time togo home and finally do the domestics i neglected to finish all weekend.

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