Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hens Night

Cocktails at Lotus

Almost 2 weeks ago now we had Tegan's hens night which started at the very respectable time of 2pm for High Tea at The Victoria Room.We all made sure we were there nice and early as we were all threatened by Gemma to be there on time so we could all be there by the time the bride to be arrived.
Tea is served in a dark spacious room decorated in old British Colonial style with gorgeous chandeliers,plush sofas and ornate armchairs.We opted for the standard option and just kept ordering bottles of champagne as we went as there were about 10 of us altogether.Tiered plates were placed in the middle with sandwhiches on top,sweets such as cupcakes,sticky date pudding and florentines in the middle and scones on the bottom served with jam and clotted cream.
Antique tea strainer stolen from High tea

I fell in love with these beautiful silver antique tea strainers and decided i had to have it and put it in my bag and took off with it.We then made our way to the sofas for more drinks and decided to play a game where we all chose an occupation and that would be what we did for a living had someone approached us that night and asked us that question.Occupations ranged from hallmark greeting card writer,battery tester for the CSIRO(specialising in AAA) war correspondant for Marie Claire magazine,bra designer and fitter,greyhound trainer,2nd best cellist for the Australian Chamber Orchestra,sex therapist,diplomat for the UN,and politician in the current state election.
aah,we took so many cabs that night,first trip was to Lotus for a drink,you approach the bar staff and tell them what you're in the mood for and they create a drink,we told them we wanted a drink in their most fantastic glasses,i can't quite remember what they came up with but it was certainly fruity.
By them with all the suagr all afternoon our bodies were craving salt and decided the easiest plan would be to go to BBQ King in Chinatown where it's easy to feed a huge group,we started off with the mandatory duck pancakes then ordered a few dishes to share.
Then a we all walked to the other side of the city for karaoke and we all took turns belting a few tunes,some people then decided to call it a night and the remaining bodies soldiered on finding a bar in Martin Place,ti's such a different disappointing crowd in the city on weekends,full of kids still in their teens,we had a quick drink and then as it approached midnight decided to go to someone's place in Bondi,called to make sure the nearby pub would still be open to bu some emergency bottles of wine,hot chips from the corner shop and some wuiet chit chat for a few hours before it was finally time to head home at about 2am,it certainly was a marathon effort lasting 12 hours.

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