Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yum cha at Sky Phoenix

Last Saturday Lisa and I decided to have a lovely relaxing day watching the new season fashion parades at David Jones followed by lots of shopping(shoes and a bag for Lisa,new bag and birthday present shopping for a friend,for myself).

By the time we finished we were starving and made it just in the last hour for yum cha at our favourite,Sky Phoenix on Castlereagh Street.Ah,everytime we thing back to our first visit last year,we have cravings for their divine mango pancakes and perfect dumplings.

Duck and ginger dumplings

New to us this time were the duck and ginger dumplings,followed by the freshest prawn and corn dumplings.
Prawn and corn dumplings

We had to have the good old reliable spring roll as well and the waitress was courteous and cut them in half so we would have equal portions.

Spring rolls

One of the first things that grabs our attention is dessert and the last time we were here,the mango pancakes were a revelation,lovely chunks of mango pieces and the softest cream or whatever they use,if anybody has a recipe,i need it now.Although we hadn't finished with the savoury items,we needed to snap up the mango pancakes then to guarantee we had some.Only disapointment was that they either ran out or weren't serving the coconut jelly.
Mango Pancakes

When we were almost finished i realised we hadn't seen my favourite,the pork and chive dumplings,we asked one of the waitresses and luckily there some left.

So far this is my favourite place for yum cha,fantastic food,attentive and friendly service,and they're not rude to western people like some other places can be.
We were again satisfied at Sky Phoenix and left with our Buddha bellies and shopping bags.
Pork and chive dumplings

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Sydney Food Princess said...

Damn! Now I want it again! Once things settle down we will have to eat at Zilver and you'll have to try Chinese Whisper with me. They served me a magical wonton soup that healed my flu faster than any anti-biotic could dream of. It is wonderful.